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 School: Africa / US Energy Ministerial Conference & Women in Energy
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 Quest 1: Briefing Documents

Review briefing documents and submit your comments on the Women in Energy program segment.

Visit the US-Africa Energy Ministerial Homepage.

And then you may want to visit the US-Africa Ministerial Homepage and the US Department of State's International Information Programs, The United States and Africa: A New Partnership.

Energy in Africa by the US EIA, December 1999 [large: 3.165 mb, PDF] Africa Oil and Gas Industry: "Five countries dominate Africa's upstream oil production. Together they account for 85% of the continent's oil production and are, in order of decreasing output, Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Egypt and Angola. Other oil producing countries are Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Cote d'Ivoire.

Tasks for this Quest (#reports)
001 Women in Africa's Development (0)
002 Program Announcement (1)
3 WOMEN IN ENERGY WORKSHOP: Detailed Agenda (Draft) (1)
Students/Reporters registered for this Quest • Africa Manager • prudence m.
Quest Author: Africa Manager Begin Date: 7/10/2000 • End Date: 12/15/2000

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