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Here are some suggestions for creating Quests in the Virtual SchoolHouse:

To create a quest,

  1. Just follow the arrow to your Virtual Schoolhouse. Teachers (which can include the School Administrator and Students as Teachers who are learning by teaching) then select "Create a new Quest".
  2. There are three ways to create a quest with multiple included graphics:
    1. Divide the task into sub-tasks, each with its own number, such as 1a, 1b, 1c, etc. Create each as a separate task and upload a single file with each of these sub-tasks.
    2. Write an elaborate html document and upload it, referring to all graphics images on some other webserver, for example, your own personal website.
    3. Attach the entire Quest as a word processor document (i.e., Word®, etc.).

  3. To create a quiz for a quest or task...
    1. For a preview of a quiz, take a look at..., or
    2. To create or modify a quiz, go to Quiz Management
    3. [This is a new feature that will be integrated into the virtual schoolhouse soon.]

  4. Students and the public will be able to see Quests once your school Administrator has "Accepted" them.

These instructions will be upgraded and updated as the Virtual SchoolHouse continues to develop.

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