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GetHydroPower Reports Nearly 2x Highway Mileage Boost in Recent Tests
by Mark M
Hydrogen News
source: Solar Today News Network

•• Sept. 20, 2006 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Brown's gas (H&O) generated on board through a special electrolysis process is injected into the vehicle air intake to increase the fuel efficiency.

The Gorilla installed in back of Ford 2001 Sport Trac.

Cell close-up, showing H/O gas bubble production.
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MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA -- Gorilla Development LLC has announced the results of their recent testing of their newest hydrogen boost system, which produced a 1.4-fold increase in city mileage, and a 1.9-fold increase in highway driving in a test vehicle.

"The Gorilla" 20-cell electrolyzer extracts hydrogen and oxygen from an electrolyte solution. This hydrogen/oxygen mixture, sometimes called "Brown's gas" is drawn into the manifold of any standard internal-combustion engine -- either gas or diesel -- under a constant vacuum. By increasing fuel combustion, the extra hydrogen and oxygen allow the engine to derive more energy from less gasoline. The hydrogen acts primarily as as catalyst in this case, rather than just as a fuel itself. Increased efficiencies in mileage vary, depending on engine size, speed, traffic, and other factors.

In the recent testing the mileage improvements were measured by an onboard ScanGauge computer. The test vehicle was a Ford 2001 Sport Trac 4.0L.

This time the test vehicle was a Ford 2001 Sport Trac 4.0L. The mileage improvements were measured by the vehicle’s onboard computer, and recorded by an externally-connected ScanGauge computer, which gives at-the-moment mileage readings.

Note that a car’s internal computer requires a “breaking-in” period to adjust to the input from “The Gorilla” Electrolzer. The computer in the Ford rebelled for about 300 miles before it began accepting the new ratios. Until then, due to the inappropriate compensations made by the vehicle’s internal computer, the potential fuel improvements were not being fully realized. Other vehicle types are much faster in their response time to fuel-economy add-ons. Thus anyone testing a vehicle with an added Electolyzer should exercise patience until the car's computer settles into the new fuel/air ratios. Sometimes, merely disconnecting the battery for a few minutes can reset the vehicle's computer giving it a fresh start with the new ratios.

Mileage tests on the Ford 2001 Sport Trac prior to installation were 12 MPG city and 16 MPG highway. After installation of "The Gorilla" 20-cell Electrolyzer, and after this adjustment period, the mileage improved to 17 MPG city and 31 MPG highway.

Gorilla Development LLC reports that the greatest increase in mileage was achieved while driving at a constant 50 miles per hour on a flat road (31 MPG). The lowest improvement recorded was during typical rush-hour traffic, when driving 12.2 miles over rolling terrain in heavy traffic with frequent slow-downs and stops. The trip duration was 35 minutes.

Recordings were also taken at speeds of 60 and 70 mph. At those speeds, results were 24 MPG - 26 MPG and 20.5 MPG - 22 MPG, respectively.

In the coming week, the company plans to test the performance of a Ford F-350 Powerstroke Diesel, and to post the results at their website on September 22, 2006.

For more information visit the Gorilla Development LLC website:

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