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Emily Wheeler`s Commentary on the Tour de Sol
by iNet News M
NESEA American Tour de Sol
source: SolarQuest®

Emily Wheeler with Helios
Photo: Justin Zych
Greenfield •• May 26, 1999 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• I met a guy named Jason Williams today. We had a conversation about the two different jobs we both have. He was showing a production car for his job, he was a junior at UCONN. It was very interesting but not surprising that he had never worked on his car, but he still had to tell all the information to people about it. I am in a much better situation because I have worked with every single component on the car and I have experience with every part of the car, so I don't need to memorize any numbers, I just give tours of the car from my experiences. I feel like the big companies take the Tour De Sol as a task that they must do to promote their companies electric cars. I take the Tour De Sol as an opportunity to tell people about my project, and to try and get them interested in it with my enthusiasm. On first impression I thought about what a weird job Jason Williams has, but now I realize tha it is reality that the big companies don't care about the fun of the tour as much as I do, if they even do at all.

In order to do this project and have a great time with it, you must have an extremely talented and experienced teacher. Topher Waring is the perfect example. He was our leader in this project. Every student absolutely yearned to work with Helios because of the entertainment brought into our project. Our freedom that was given to us made us interested. The trust that was given to us made us fall in love with the best teacher Riverside has ever had.

Thank you Mr. Waring for giving me so many memories, I will never forget!

by Emily Wheeler

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