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Minutes of CPRT-U September 19,2002
by dave walworth
Umunum News Room
source: Umunum Chapter of CPRT

•• Sept. 22, 2002 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Minutes of CPRTU-Umunum, 7:00 PM, 9/19/02

I. Introductions and Agenda accepted. Present – Jim Carter, Jim Keller, David Rigler, Dave and Dorsa Walworth.
II. Correspondence – Bob Williams has written a two page commentary on Ray McDonald’s original draft, and Ed Porter has written a paper suggesting the phases in which a system could be built. Dennis Manning reported on the progress taking place elsewhere. ULTra is progressing well. Taxi-2000 has started an initial test track. Something is happening in Korea – apparently a PRT as an outgrowth of what Ray McDonald was building several years ago which crashed with the Asian Economy. The response to Jerry Schneider’s web site about Advanced Transportation had doubled. Finally, Cybertrain is being built in New York somewhere.
III. Description of PRT for Jim Keller. Jim Carter led the band and kept thinking of new aspects which make it advantageous for us. Also explained our complicated position in re ULTra and Taxi2000, describing the technical differences between them.
IV. Brochure – David Rigler has the marked up original version and has considered the suggestions for improving it. He thinks that pictures of UCSC, the beach, and downtown must be so small as to be hard to see and would be distracting, especially on the cover. Therefore we referred it to him and Char Monroe to work on the details.
V. Money –
A. Brochure – probably should be covered by contributions – the two Jims each contributed $40, and Char has also. If we make a colored version for special recipients, it will cost about $200; black and white is less expensive especially if we get 1000 for Earth Day, special occasions, and for talks given to Service Clubs, et al. Contributions can be sent to our PO Box 1316, Santa Cruz 95061.
B. Audio-visual equipment for our speakers. Suggested that they might be donated by some corporation. Does anyone have a lead and experience in doing that?
C. Model Building – ATRA is building a model of a station with guideway and one or two cars that could be exhibited at Fairs, etc. Contributions towards this noble end can be sent to ATRA at PO Box 162, Palo Alto, CA 94302
D. We have been asked to submit a bid for a PRT loop at Fort Ord via Sol-train. I have sent some of the specifications to Ray MacDonald for his perusal. It is a 2.3 mile loop through the campus to the Soltrain station.
Jim Keller suggested we contact Dean Munn, transportation analyst at AMBAG. Good suggestion – anyone know him?
Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM.
Submitted by,
Dorsa Walworth, Treasurer

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