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Vision Statement of MTS Commission
by dave walworth
Umunum News Room
source: Umunum Chapter of CPRT

•• Aug. 10, 2002 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• The Course of the Santa Cruz City Master Transportation Study – (7/25/02)

There being no Oral Communications, the consultant, Bruce Fukuji, began the meeting and reported that the City Council on 6/25/02 acted : Motion carried to suggest to the Master Transportation Study Committee and Conference Committee to try and provide additional emphasis on the new and innovative solutions, including the use of the existing infrastructure of roads and rail corridor.
Comment - As opposed to old innovative solutions.

Bill Hyder, Social Sciences Division, UCSC, presented the Mission Statement –
Access to goods, services, jobs and recreation will be convenient for all residents and visitors regardless of socio-economic status, physical disability, or age.
Comment – it would be nice to be affordable without need for excessive city sibsit\dy.

The sustainable transportation experience will be one of the key components of the healthy economy of Santa Cruz.
Comment – sustainable transportation is a mirage – even solar-powered vehicles have an retrievable cost of construction; walking, running, swimming meet that criterion; skates, skis and skate boards are good. Beyond that only lofty approximations exist.

A wide range of efficient, accessible, and sustainable transportation choices will be available as well as choices that do not require physical travel, such as telecommunicating and delivery service.
Comment – good strategy, and delivery will be no problem or if it is automatized and grade-separated.

It will be convenient, comfortable and cost-effective to travel without automobile
Comment – Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) enables that.

Vision Statement
The City’s state of the art transportation system will rival single occupant vehicles for convenience, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and comfort.
Comment –To do it 24 hours a day requires PRT.

Our well-connected, safe and efficient pedestrian and bicycle networks will include amenities that make these travel choices in Santa Cruz practical and fun. These networks allow residents and visitors to travel safely and directly through the City’s neighborhoods and activity areas. They will make bicycling and walking not only practical but truly desirable choices.
Comment – Having PRT 16 feet above the ground makes these networks seamless.

Automobile congestion will be managed while minimizing impacts on surrounding residential neighborhoods.

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